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   Choose from over 130 indicators from 200+ surveys in 70+ countries
Statcompiler Tables
STATcompiler tables include multiple indicators, residence breakdown, and age categories associated with an indicator topic.
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  Create a custom STATcompiler table. Select any combination of surveys, indicators, and variables to include in your table. (Français)

STATcompiler includes indicators from the Reproductive Health Surveys (RHS). Datasets and reports for these surveys are available at Inquiries for these indicators can be sent to
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  Quickly find a table for one selected country or region and indicator topic. For example, age at first marriage in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Statcompiler Tables
Quickstats are the most popular indicators directly selected from STATcompiler tables and provide a quick overview of a country's demographic and health issues.
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 Compare key indicators from all DHS countries.

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 View key indicators for a selected country.

Other Datasources
red_arrow HIV/AIDS Survey Indicator Tables
  Create customized tables of HIV/AIDS survey indicators with data from DHS, MICS, BSS, and other surveys.

red_arrow STATmapper
  Perform geographical mapping of selected STATcompiler indicators.

About STATcompiler Indicators
STATcompiler includes key population and health statistics published in DHS final reports

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